Calculate Post Judgment Interest QuicklyEasily Calculate Your Money Judgements

Calculate Post-Judgement Interest

Use the Judgement Interest Calculator to quickly and easily calculate interest on your money judgements. The calculator allows you to organize judgements in one place, access them from anywhere, create PDF files with judgement details, email information to clients or colleagues, and more. With anywhere access from your desktop or smartphone, it’s easy to manage and organize judgments.

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Organize all your Judgments in one place

Organize Your Judgements Easily

The Judgement Interest Calculator makes it easy to organize and manage your judgements. When you add a new judgement and brief details about the judgement, the application will calculate interest automatically.  You can also mark judgements as favorites for easy access, or archive them to get them out of the way.

Access from almost anywhere

Access From Anywhere

With mobile access from your smartphone, laptop or tablet, you can access your information and manage your judgements from anywhere.

Minimum information needed to start

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You don’t need to enter every detail of your judgements; just the ones you need. Enter payment history information and other relevant information and JIC will automatically calculate the amount owed.

Create PDF file to email, print or download

Email, Print, or Download PDFs

JIC makes it easy to create PDFs and print, email or download them as needed. You can email results to clients, print a report to submit to court, or save a backup on your computer.

Calculate post judgement interest and manage your judgements easily

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