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About Judgment Interest Calculator

Judgment Interest Calculator was created by a small company out of Okemos, MI, Mokasoft, LLC. Mokasoft was founded in 2010 by Joe Kattelus with the single goal of creating simple-to-use apps for Michigan’s legal community. Mokasoft is focusing on two applications that can take the complicated legal process and not only simplify it but enhance the result by producing informative, attractive and consistent reports.

The Judgment Interest Calculator helps with calculating the post-judgment interest on judgments in Michigan while the Sentencing Guidelines Calculator helps with calculating the sentencing guidelines on felonies in Michigan.

Joe founded Mokasoft, LLC shortly after his college roommate and Michigan attorney suggested a few very tedious processes which could be simplified with software that doesn’t exist. Joe has been designing and developing software applications since 2001 and used that experience to break down the tedious and complicated tasks in order to design the simplest and most robust applications possible. With the help of another Okemos-based company, WebAscender (www.WebAscender.com), the mobile-friendly, web-based applications were created. You will find the Judgment Interest Calculator to be as easy-to-use as you want and as accommodating as you need.

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